Standing Desk

PLY Products

  • Build a custom standing desk with 8 PLY90 parts. 
  • Add a custom monitor stand with 4 additional PLY90's
  • Add an underside shelf with 2 more PLY90's
  • Recommend 3/4" plywood or reclaimed wood panels
  • Main desk designs are built with a single sheet of 4x8 ft plywood
  • Panel sizes for this project :
    • Design 1 (adjustable height desk)  -   top (24x48"), sides (24x48), back (19x48"), ribs 2x (2.5x48")
    • Design 2 (large top standing height only desk)  -  top (28x53"), sides (24x43 or less, adjust for desk top surface height"), back (15x53"), ribs 2x (2.5x53")
    • Design 3 - (standard 30" tall desk)  -  top (28x67"), sides (24x29"), back (15x67"), ribs 2x (2.5x67")

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