What is the PLY90?

  • The PLY90 is a patent pending connector that is a faster, better looking alternative to drilling and screwing projects together.
  • Save time and energy by not having to align every board and precisely drill and screw all the pieces together
  • You can focus on the design of your creation using a standard construction method
  • Easily disassemble creations for storage or moving, recycle old projects into new ones


What type of materials does the PLY90 bracket work on?

  • The PLY90 bracket has two included screws that allow it to work with all sheet materials/plywood between .450-.755”.  
  • The 3/4" or short screw is for 1/2" materials, the longer 1" screw is for 3/4" materials
  • The .450-.755” size range accommodates almost all commonly available plywood. 
  • The PLY90 works best when materials of similar thickness are placed in both sides of a connector
  • Note: Some manufactured woods are greater than upper limit of .755"  (3/4" white melamine, and 3/4" MDF can be larger than .755") these will require a separate screw for thicknesses .755-.780"


What are the PLY90 brackets made of?

  • The brackets are made from high strength aluminum alloy. 
  • The aluminum is shaped through a process called extrusion and then the parts are cut, drilled and finished. 
  • The hardware is premium alloy steel.
  • Made in the USA


The PLY90 has wall mounting features

  • Use either of the two holes on each connector to mount shelves, wall boxes and other creations to a wall
  • Use the holes and a screw to mark placement on the wall
  • Use drywall anchors if necessary
  • Recommend #8 or #10 screws, 2 inches in length for mounting hardware


What can the PLY90 bracket be used for?

  • See project inspiration in the "Projects" section
  • You can build desks, standing desks, monitor stands, chairs, tables, coffee tables, shelves, wall shelves, wall boxes, benches, planting boxes, lawn games, corn hole, mobile carts, art installations, forts, and prototype new furniture designs
  • Imagination is the limit!


How do I make things with the PLY90 bracket?

  • The PLY90 brackets always offset 1" from an "edge to surface", independent of material thickness.  The tabs are 1/8" or .125" thick.
  • Your local hardware store or home good center will have a selection of plywood, hardwood, and the equipment to cut it for you